Lucy – Post 1

Lucy is adorable, she’s a 2 year old Jack Russell Terrier (JRT) mix.  I’ve been fostering her since August and she’s had no hits for adoption.  For the life of me I can’t figure out why, she’s young, great with dogs, cats and kids, but it was suggested to me it may be the time of year.

When I received Lucy everyone was heading back to school and now everyone is focused on the holidays, hopefully in the New Year we’ll find this sweet girl a home, if not before the holidays.

Lucy is really fun, she loves to play with Flipflop, go on long walks and really enjoys days at daycare.  And she’s so good inside, she snuggles and sleeps and is quite calm, except every now and then she reminds me she’s a young JRTx!

This morning she has an hour walk, including some off leash fun so she could run out her energy.  But I had a longer than usual day at work and when Lucy gets bored, she doesn’t chew the furniture or anything of value, she goes to the bathroom and toilet papers my place.

This evening I came home to half a roll of toilet paper on the holder and by half a roll, I mean she chewed half the roll vertically off the holder. I then noticed one of my favourite stuffed Christmas decorations missing off the shelf I put it on.  Fortunately it was on my bedroom floor no worse for the wear!

Lucy is not a bad dog, she is a dog with high energy and that’s what happens when a high energy dog is bored.  They find mischief!

If you have a high energy dog, you are best to either crate it during the day (safely so it can’t get hurt), hire a dog walker, and/or take it to a daycare.  I have been fortunate that Lucy rarely toilet papers the house, but when she does, I know its from boredom and I shouldn’t have left her as long as I did.

I believe it may be Lucy’s energy that is keeping her from finding a forever family.  JRT’s require a lot of mental stimulation and are not for the inexperienced owner.  That said, they make wonderful pets when they properly socialized and exercised!!!IMG_6099

One thought on “Lucy – Post 1

  1. I personally know Lucy and the only reason I don’t adopt her myself is that I have terrible allergies. But I do spend a lot of time with Lucy and I can attest that she is cuddly, playful and a very sweet girl. She loves to give kisses and snuggle at night. She does a bit of a fixation on squirrels, but hey, who doesn’t? I hope someone deserving takes a chance on this little girl – they won’t be disappointed.

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