Sally aka Tess

Tess was a foster of mine a few months ago, she is a Redbone Coonhound.  When she entered into rescue she was approximately 18 months.

The rescue named her Sally, but to me she was Tess, although she didn’t really get to know either name before being adopted (her forever family kept the name Sally).  Tess  had been kept outside in a cage and had no socialization with humans. She would be allowed out only for hunting and if you saw the energy this young dog had, you’d know what a sad life that must have been for her.

She was out on a hunting expedition and battled a wild boar, needless to say the boar won.  Tess had a gash in her neck, part of her ear bit off and some scars along her body.  Realizing she was not going to be the dog they had hoped for, the owners called a rescue and said they were going to shoot Tess unless they wanted to come get her and find her a home.

This was in Florida, the rescue did go get Tess,  and when she arrived in Canada I was set to be her foster mom.

You could literally count the ribs on this young dog, she was so skinny and despite her lack of socialization, she was very sweet but timid.  When Tess entered my home, she found her safe place, under my dining room table.  I set up a bed and put bowls of food and water there for her.

I had Tess for two weeks and during that time she would come out of her safe spot for periods of time and then retreat back to it.  She liked sleeping on the floor in a dog bed, and although she would sometimes run up to me to get some love and attention, for the most part she kept her distance.

It was not a surprise for me when a family came to meet Tess and took her home that same day. Although she was nervous and unsure, they saw the same beautiful potential that I saw in her.

It took Tess a while to come out of her shell with her family but they remained patient. I received a text this week telling me how Sally (aka Tess) loves to cuddle on the couch and is a bed hog at night.

I cannot tell you how it warms my heart to hear that this amazing dog who wouldn’t dream of getting too close to humans has taken over her family’s couch, bed and hearts!


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