Making a match

It’s one of the moments I dread but also am so happy for – someone is interested in my foster.  It’s such a mash up of mixed emotions, but I know if it works out, it’s so rewarding so I suck up my selfish tears and set up the meet and greet.

The meet and greet is the final step of the adoption process, it’s where the family and the dog meet to see if they are a good fit.  It’s very exciting and emotional, as the foster mom, to know my foster could be leaving soon but also knowing that it could be another happy ending in the making.

Not all dogs are right for all families, no matter how badly everyone wants it to work.  Lucy received an application and everything seemed like a perfect match, the family agreed to come to my place to meet her.

I took my forever dogs to my neighbours, so all the attention could go to Lucy.  Lucy and I snuggled and waited for her potential family to arrive.

It did not go as expected at all…….Lucy was scared and nervous, she hid under my dining room table, I had never seen her behave in such a way.  I called for reinforcements, Lucy can’t resist her auntie  Janet (my neighbour).  Janet came over and Lucy immediately ran to greet her.  Lucy didn’t return to hiding but she still refused to go to the family.

Janet eventually went and got her dog, Miss Ellie.  Lucy followed Miss Ellie’s queue and started socializing with the family, although she still showed some nervous energy when around the male.

I don’t know a lot about Lucy’s past but she definitely has a fear of some men and is nervous around most until she warms up to them over time.

Unfortunately in this case, the family was looking for a dog for the man of the house, he wanted a dog who was going to bond with him instantly and it was pretty apparent Lucy would need some time.

Rescue dogs don’t often bond immediately with their family, thee dogs need to go to patient understanding homes.

This family really liked Lucy and could see she was a sweet girl, but the dilemma they faced is she would not likely bond quickly to her new dad.  We all agreed, while they would make a great family for the right dog, Lucy was not the match for them.

I know Lucy will find her family, and in the meantime I’m only too happy to keep fostering her.

2 thoughts on “Making a match

  1. I commend you for fostering dogs. It takes a VERY special person to love, nurture and place a rescued animal.
    I am an animal communicator and work with many rescues. Many animals come to you with “issues” that are not easily fixed. Thankfully I do some amazing work identifying and releasing trapped emotions that can cause both mental and physical problems. Through this work, I can get to the root of many problems and take away the “triggers” that would normally prevent a pet from advancing to a new home.
    I am happy to work on Lucy, just contact me.

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