Hope is not one of my dogs, or a previous foster, Hope is my best friends’ dog.  Hope is an eleven year old Springer Spaniel/Chocolate Lab.

This year has been a year of change for Hope, in the spring one of her canine sisters, Jasmine, passed away, Jasmine was a lovely 12 year old German Shepherd.  Hope and Jasmine had a love/hate relationship but they were a pack.  A pack that included Chloe, a 13 year old Black Lab/Border Collie mix.  Sadly only a few months after Jasmine passed away, Chloe joined her.  Leaving Hope, who always had dogs with her, alone.

While Hope and her human family grieved, life went on as normal as it could.  One evening on a walk with her mom, Hope was maliciously attached by two dogs whose irresponsible owners let wander around neighbourhood unattended.

This resulted in Hope being rushed to the emergency vet office, where it was determined she may have to lose her tail.    Hope always wags her tail, even in her sleep you could hear the thump thump of her tail wagging while she dreamt. It devastated Jennifer.  The emergency vet splint and taped Hope’s tail and Jennifer was to take her to her family vet the next morning.

The family vet operated on Hope immediately and amputated her tail.  The vet was worried that she’d have to amputate so much of Hope’s tail that Hope would have to be euthanized. Fortunately that was not the case.

After the surgery, Hope was on pain medications and three antibiotics for weeks while she healed.  She had to go to the vet every 3 days to be checked on and make sure she was recovering well.  It was very overwhelming for both Hope and her parents!

Hope now has a little nub as her tail but she wags it happily, still the sweet loving dog she’s always been.  I am very grateful that she is doing so well, but it angers me that these irresponsible pet owners let their dogs roam free and have taken no responsibility or ownership of what happened to Hope.

Dogs will be dogs, even the kindest dog can do something unexpected, and part of being a responsible pet owner is taking full responsibility and not ignoring the situation.IMG_6197


3 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Thanks for sharing Hope’s story, hon. And Jasmine’s. And Chloe’s. I have been truly blessed with three wonderful girls, two are angels in heaven now and the other one, although she gets a bit of the devil in her sometimes, is an angel here on earth.

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