Lucy – Post 2

Lucy came into my home as my foster in September. She’s a Jack Russel Terrier mix and sweet as can be.  I don’t know a lot about Lucy’s past, she is originally from Mexico but was adopted out in Canada before she was 1.

Lucy’s Canadian family split up and apparently there were three dogs, the female took two of them and the male claimed he was moving in with his brother and couldn’t take Lucy.  So she was surrendered back to the rescue.  They told the rescue all sorts of fabrications of behavioural issues, which I knew within a week of having Lucy they made up to make themselves seem like they were less horrible people for not wanting her.

Lucy was put into a pet centre when she was surrendered.  She did not do well in this environment at all, the excitement of the other dogs scared her, it was noisy and she was confused.  Lucy was getting depressed, she was starting to break down and refusing to come out of her crate for play and socialization.

Lucy needed to get into a foster home ASAP.  I had just adopted out Sally/Tess and the rescue asked if I could take Lucy immediately.  It was a Friday evening, I was going away for the weekend but arranged to pick up Lucy on the Sunday evening.  When I first met her she was so scared she was crawling on her belly.  It broke my heart!

Lucy when I first met her

I got her outside and immediately went down to my knees so I appeared less scary to her and she stood up for me.  I talked to her a few minutes and then took her home.

My friend and neighbour (Auntie Janet, as she’s known to my dogs), met me outside with my two forever dogs – ALWAYS introduce new dogs to your dogs in neutral territory.  Immediately upon meeting Flipflop (my 3 year old forever dog), Lucy was in love.  She took to Flipflop immediately and him to her.  In fact, integrating Lucy into our home has been the easiest foster integration to date!  The two “terriers” as I call them, as they both have JRT in them, became instant BFFs.


Lucy is 2 years old and a sweetheart.  She loves to chase squirrels, play with dogs (when off leash – on leash she is not as confident), and snuggle.  This morning I was working out at home and as I laid on the floor to do some crunches Lucy laid on top of me and wanted to just keep kissing my face.  It was SO annoying, in the sweetest way!

Lucy is on the smaller size of medium – about 35 lbs. The perfect size for snuggles.  After her walks she loves to crawl up on my bed and sleep. And when I walk in my room she looks at me and gives her tail a soft wag as she remains resting.

When she wants to play she loves stuffed toys (destuffing them of course), or wrestling with Flipflop.  Outside she loves to play fetch or chase with other dogs, unless of course a squirrel catches her eye!  I really hope when we find Lucy’s forever home, they have a canine sibling for her to play with.

Lucy is available for adoption through Royal Canadian Pooch.


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