This is Us

I just watched the fall finale of This is Us, it’s such a beautiful moving show.  I have to admit, I am not an emotional being, I don’t cry often during shows or movies, unless an animal is involved.  But this episode registered with me on a different level, it connected to my emotional journey as a foster parent.

Many would argue dogs are not like children, while others argue they are.  Dogs (and cats) are my family. Regardless of what society does or doesn’t think about that. Some understand me, others ridicule me, I really don’t care, I am who I am and I love how I love.

My journey in life has been to protect animals, the ones without a voice, I don’t have children and truthfully I rarely am able to connect with them as I can with animals. But a few years ago someone close to me was looking into fostering to adopt – a child.  It was quite the experience and the parallels to what I saw in the animal rescue world was truly sickening.

The neglect, beatings, sexual assault, abandonment, starvation, etc. is just as real for children as it is for animals.  It sickens me to the core to know what happens to some animals but when I was hearing the same stories happening to babies, toddlers, young children, it once again made me hate humanity.

The sad part is, that while agencies exist to help children, it is very challenging and much like animals, there are more children in need than people to help them.

So, to bring me to my point, Randal and Beth’s first foster child went back home today. They were emotional and torn up inside, but also knew it was the right thing to do.  And when they talked later in the episode about if they wanted to put themselves through it again, they answered, like all caring fosters do – YES, there is another one out there who needs them.

Whether you’re an animal advocate like me, or a child lover, I encourage everyone to do something to get involved, there’s so many ways to help animals in need, and children too, if that’s your path.

We all need to be the change we want to see in the world.

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