Lucy – Post 3

As the holidays approach, its becoming more and more likely Lucy won’t have a family of her own for Christmas. While it breaks my heart this sweet, loving girl will be without the family she deserves, I at least know she will have a wonderful Christmas with me and my family.  Rumour has it Lucy is even on Santa’s nice list and he will be leaving her presents along with Flipflop, Dahlia and the cats (Sixx and Angel).

I often wonder if the reason Lucy is taking a while to get adopted, is because of her breed, Jack Russell Terrier (JRT) mix.  While JRTs are known for their stubbornness, attitudes, high energy and are one of the top 10 dogs surrendered to shelters, in the right environment and with proper training this breed can thrive.

Lucy is a mix, not sure what else is in her, but she definitely does not have the typical JRT traits.  While she does love to run and chase squirrels like a typical JRT, she is actually more chilled out than my 3 year old Potcake.  For a two year old  JRT mix, Lucy is very calm.  After her walks, she curls up and sleeps and when she’s feeling restless she loves to empty the pet toy box and see what suits her mood for that moment.  Some days she loves to take an antler and just chew, other days she thoroughly enjoys squeaking a toy, and of course destuffing a stuffed toy has its moments too.

Lucy is still timid of strangers, but is making great progress.  A couple days ago, I had a few people stop by throughout the day and I was very impressed with Lucy’s socialization.  And not surprising, those who met her thought she was an absolute sweetheart.

I know Lucy will find her forever family and when she does, that will be one very lucky family!

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