Tis the Season

Winter is my least favourite season, I hate the cold and while the snow can be pretty and scenic I’d much rather see green!  But I living in Ontario, Canada snow and cold is part of every holiday season and carries on into the first few months of the new year.

Flipflop (my Bahamian Potcake) loves the snow, from his first winter here, he couldn’t get enough of it and the cold!  He lives for the negative 20 degree Celsius days, and unlike me, has no use for the weather when its over 20 degrees (we do a lot of beach days in the summer).

When Dahlia (my Catahoula mix) came to Canada from Florida in April, the weather was raining and cool. She seemed quite comfortable in the climate.  I assumed Dahlia wouldn’t mind the heat as she’d been kept outside all the time in Florida and is 8 years old.

I was wrong, Dahlia hated the hot summer days, she wanted nothing to do with walks in the summer, and enjoyed laying in shaded areas and keeping herself cool.  As the summer passed, and we made it to fall Dahlia thrived. The cooler weather agreed with Dahlia and she loved being outside.  And as the temperatures dropped further, at and below freezing Dahlia showed no signs of slowing down, until the first snow fall.

Dahlia HATES the snow, unlike almost every dog I know, Dahlia has no use for the white stuff on the ground.  Even while the other dogs run and play in it, Dahlia sits beside me looking quite unimpressed.  The first few times I tried taking her out in it she didn’t want to walk at all, now she’ll walk but she’ll stop and sit periodically as if to protest the fact that she has to be outside.

I  put invisible boots (paw wax) on Dahlia  and it seems to help her somewhat.  I don’t want to put boots on her as her leg was broken last year by her previous owner, so I worry about her traction on the ice if she has boots on.  And although dog boots are great for keeping their paws warm and free of salt they can, on some occasions, mess up the dogs hip alignment depending on how they walk in them.  Another risk I can’t take with Dahlia.

I am sure I will find a solution for her that makes her more comfortable now that she’s a Canadian girl but  Dahlia’s protesting behaviour of the snow is very fitting for this former abused dog who is now living the life of a diva.

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