Happy Holidays

It’s the holiday season and people with children young and old are prepping for Santa to arrive very soon.  Needless to say Flipflop, Dahlia, Lucy and their feline brothers will all be getting gifts from Santa too!

Normally I buy Flipflop’s best friend and cousins, treats or toys, but this year I got them something different.  I purchased all the special canines in my life a Nite Ize dog collar cover!


I had first seen it when I had a visit with one of my previous fosters, Marti.  Marti’s Aunt bought it for him. It Velcro’s onto their collar, harness or leash even.  And it’s amazing!  Good for all sizes, as the Velcro adjusts, up to 1″ wide.

Flipflop, Lucy and Dahlia all wear one now, it works off a battery, which you can replace and when it’s on you can set it to be solid red, or flashing.  This time of year, it’s so dangerous for pedestrians walking in the dark, and dogs too.  With this collar cover, my dogs and I are very visible and on days when they get some off leash time, even in the dark, I can always see them!

I highly recommend this item to any dog parent who walks their dog in the dark at any time of the year.  I get so many people stopping us and asking me where I got them as I have yet to see them in pet stores.

They are available on Amazon, along with other Nite Ize products for dogs.  I am not a Nite Ize or Amazon employee, I have no vested interest in promoting this product other than I think it is super cool and keeps us and our dogs safer.

Happy Holidays!

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