Happy New Year!

2017 has exited and we welcomed 2018 in around the world.  I was fortunate enough to spend my New Year’s at a friend’s house with her lovely family and bring my three dogs, Flipflop, Dahlia and my foster, Lucy.

I have posted on Lucy in the past, and she is still a sweet mystery to me.  Based on her previous behavior,  I didn’t know if she’d be scared, hyper or unsure.  Much to my delight she was Lucy!  The Lucy I have come to know and adore.  She was friendly, calm and very sociable with the adults and kids alike.

Much to my surprise, Lucy socialized with a man immediately, and connected so well with my friend’s son.  It gave me a whole new hope that we’ll find this sweet girl the perfect home yet.

Lucy is never aggressive but her timid personality sometimes makes her afraid, of even the kindest people, but last night she was in her zone.  I don’t know if it was having Flipflop and Dahlia there, who are very familiar with the family and their home, or if she just felt safe, but it was so wonderful to see her calm, relaxed and showing her true self.


She even refused to sleep downstairs with me and her foster siblings and insisted on sleeping upstairs with our hosts, in their bed.  Of course they were only to happy to allow her, despite one of our hosts allergies!

I know we’ll find Lucy her forever family soon, one that is understanding, patient and hopefully one with another dog and/or a child for her to bond with.

Lucy is available for adoption through Royal Canadian Pooch.


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