Lucy – Post 5

I see so many ads for dogs in need of a home and/or foster care.  When I am without a foster dog I often read them to see if there is one that would do well in my environment.  It’s not always easy as there’s certain criteria a dog needs to meet to be fostered by me:

  1. Good with dogs (I have two of my own)
  2. Good with cats (I have two of my own)

And a third one that is often looked for by adopters is Good with children.

So I look look at my sweet foster girl Lucy:

  1. Good with dogs – CHECK
  2. Good with cats – CHECK
  3. Good with children – CHECK

Lucy checks all the boxes, she has some anxiety and is fearful in new situations but calms down fast and loves quickly.  So, I can’t help but to scratch my head as to how I am going onto four months of fostering this amazing dog.

When outside Lucy loves to chase squirrels, run after a ball or chase and wrestle with a canine friend. But once Lucy comes inside, she’s as calm as can be, she’ll entertain herself with a dog toy or cuddle up on my lap to snooze.  She’s not your stereotype terrier, who destroys things.  The worse she does, if I forget to close my bathroom door when I leave, is she likes to unravel the toilet paper roll.  A small thing in comparison to what some dogs have done when unattended.

Even as I write this, Lucy is curled up beside me, her head on my lap sleeping.  To meet Lucy is to love her, my wish for 2018 is this amazing dog finds her forever family. She deserves the best!



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