My Cats & Dogs

Most people who have pets, know it’s very possible for different species to get along.  If introduced safely and properly dogs and cats can be best friends.


My two cats are also rescued, Sixx (named after Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx) & Angel (Named after Criss Angel), were feral kittens when they were rescued.  They lived at an animal haven until they were about one years old.  The founder was just about to give up on them finding a forever home when I called her, looking for two cats.  Sometimes things are just meant to be.

At the time, I had one dog, Dupont, he grew up with a cat, who had passed away and he missed her terribly.  So, it was no surprise when Sixx & Angel moved in, Dupont was thrilled.  Of course, the cats were not too sure of this 100 lbs dog who would whimper for them to come see him.  Eventually, Sixx did come out and that’s when Sixx realized life as a dog was pretty awesome.

Sixx started mimicking everything Dupont did, he would play with dog toys, try and eat dog bones, and come running for treats.  At walk time, Sixx would come to the door, expecting to go for a walk with Dupont.  I tried to leash-train Sixx, but he never took to it, so he eventually gave up on wanting walks.

Angel is much more reserved, he still doesn’t like to interact with the dogs, but he doesn’t hide from them.  Unlike Sixx, Angel realizes he’s a cat so he behaves as one.  But even having a cat who doesn’t think he’s a dog, he lives quite peacefully in a houseful of them.

Flipflop likes to show off as new fosters come and needs a reminder not to chase the cats. The fosters tend to take their queues from Flipflop on how to behave.  With that said, with each dog it’s a different situation and I am always cautious when a new foster is moving in with us.

When introducing a new animal into your home, regardless of the species, introductions are the key to success. It’s best to introduce the pets slowly and keep them separated when you’re not around.

Like humans, animals have personalities and sometimes even if you do everything right, they just may not get along. But when they do, there is nothing as cute as having a dog and cat who are best friends.






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