Dr. Doolittle

I wish I had the gift to know what my dogs and cats are thinking at any time.  I have a pretty good idea for the most part, as I bond very closely with my animals, but to actually hear their thoughts I think would be so amazing.  Then again to hear the thoughts of my fosters when they first come would probably crush me.

I do believe that some people possess this gift, and I have had some really cool experiences with some.

My first experience was years ago with my collie/shepherd mix Dupont.  He and I were on a group hike and part of the hike was to meet an animal communicator.  The hike was through a dog adventure group and no one on the hike knew me.  During the hike we all got acquainted, chatted about our dogs and kept to small talk.  We got to the building where one by one, we would enter with our dogs and meet the communicator.  I was a skeptic, but thought it sounded fun and Dupont LOVED his hikes with me.  So figured why not?!

While waiting for our turn, I listened to how amazed those who had their turn were by what their dogs had shared.  But what got my attention is when one of the hikers said that she had asked if her dog, Journey, missed her dad.  She asked this because her dad recently passed away.  The communicator answered, that yes, Journey did miss her dad but her dad still visits him.

I was recently separated and had 100% custody of Dupont.  No one in this group knew of my relationship status, Facebook wasn’t even a “thing” then.  When I went in with Dupont I asked a few light questions.  I asked his favourite toy to which he replied “stuffies”, which is what I always called his stuffed toys.  I then asked “Does he miss his dad?”  Expecting the same response Elaine received.  However; to my surprise, she responded “he does miss his dad, but he’s happy he’s with you.”  My skepticism faded.

Fast forward to two years ago, Flipflop’s daycare hosted a charity fundraiser for The Bello Project (https://www.homehospiceassociation.com/thebelloproject). A session with an animal communicator along with a photo of your pet with Santa was right up my alley. I attended with Flipflop, but Flipflop was not who I was really interested in talking to.

Dupont had passed away 11 months before, and I never truly got over it.  I brought his collar, and handed it to the communicator, who then told me the dog she was “seeing”, it was my Dupont.  She told me Dupont was happy and he did not resent Flipflop at all (a fear I had) and that he knew how much I loved him and he had a wonderful life.  As I cried uncontrollably I started to let go of the guilt I felt over Dupont’s death.  She told me that Dupont didn’t want me to be sad anymore.  When in physical form the only time Dupont would snuggle with me is when I cried, he hated to see me cry.  I still cry every 14th of January for him (the day he passed) even though he doesn’t want me to, he’s worth the tears.

Then we turned out attention to Flipflop, who said that he was happy I brought him “here” because he really likes it.  The communicator asked what I thought that meant and I explained that this was his daycare, so he must enjoy his days here! 🙂

And here we are today, I had started my blog and posted about my insecure foster, Lucy.  After a post I received a message from a fellow blogger: https://joaniemorrison.com/. Joanie explained she was an animal communicator and offered to connect with Lucy to assist.  Having had all positive experiences in the past and nothing to lose, I took her up on the offer.

Lucy used to sneeze a lot, I thought it was stress related, and was right, but what I didn’t expect was Joanie could read her energy and remove any trapped emotions, Lucy stopped sneezing within 12 hours.

When Lucy started sneezing regularly again, I contacted Joanie to ask if she could assist. Joanie worked her magic and then suggested that perhaps Lucy was picking up some energy from me or the others in my home (pets included), causing her to sneeze.  So I decided to hire her to work on my family and I.

It’s been a few days and it’s been an amazing experience.  My energy is higher, Lucy hasn’t even sniffled, my sleep has never been better and everyone is calmer.  Plus I got the added benefit of hearing what was on the mind of my fur kids, which proved to be quite humorous. 🙂

Although Dr. Doolittle may have been imagined as a story to entertain children, the human/animal connection is very real for some very gifted people.



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