Bring your dog to work….

It’s not common, but some lucky people work at dog friendly organizations.  I am fortunate enough to work at one of them, and I love it.

I suffer from anxiety and depression, and  while I diligently workout every day and take my medication faithfully, some days just suck.  These are the days I take one of my four legged kids to work.

I often bring Dahlia, as she’s older and calmer than Flipflop, although he’s quite popular at the office for his antics and playfulness.

Dahlia is my “zen” dog, she is just happy to be around people who want to love her, and she adores her momma.  When Dahlia comes to work with me, she happily lays on the dog blanket I keep in my office, getting up only to greet visitors and to receive some scratches behind her ears.

When Dahlia first came to work with me, I was fostering her and wanted to socialize her.  She sadly walked around the office following me, freezing while people came around to meet her. One of my close friends and colleagues cried while she witnessed Dahlia sitting my office facing the wall, my colleague had never seen such a sad dog before.

A couple weeks later I brought Dahlia back, while she still was unsure she was much more relaxed and rather than freeze while people came around her, she contently received pets and no longer sat facing a wall.  Many saw huge progress in her.

I kept bring Dahlia to work every few weeks and every time she was unrecognizable to people, as she became more and more confident.  I even got asked if she grew, as she looked bigger, but of course she hadn’t grown, she was standing taller and prouder.

Dahlia continues to awe my co-workers and  now  when she comes to work she  runs into the office, tail wagging and ready for love and attention from anyone willing to get it from her.

Bringing my dogs to work not only helps me on my hard days, it provides great stress relief to those I work with.  I also bring my fosters in to socialize them with people.

Yesterday I brought my foster Lucy in for the first time. Lucy has done so well with her insecurities, I felt she was ready for the office.  She didn’t disappoint, she was a very good girl and while she still shied away from the men, she was full of kisses and cuddles for the ladies.

After a couple of hours however; Lucy started finding her way to some of the guys, on her terms and was happy to cautiously give them a kiss and play fetch with them.



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