Instant Gratification……

Instant gratification when one adopts a dog is something, I am learning, that is an expectation many have.  It reminds me of the commercial, I can’t remember the product, but the ad stuck with me.  A lady adopted a dog and she’s trying to get it to play and it’s just laying there, and then after several attempts the lady gives up. And then you see the dog going up to her with the ball to play.   It’s an awesome commercial, but what the commercial can’t show you is that moment when the dog comes to you can take days, even weeks to happen.

I’m sure it does happen immediately to some, I haven’t experienced but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen.  But when you adopt a pet, your expectation should be it’ll take time.

My poor sweet foster lady Lucy is reminding me of this with every meet and greet.  Lucy is insecure, she’s got a nervous energy and needs calmness and stability.  She also needs a home where people are willing to let her adapt and not expect an instant connection from her.

Every rescue dog a has a story that has led them to rescue.  It’s rarely a happy journey, and it’s our job when we adopt to help the dog get to their healthier path.

When you decide to adopt, you’re a hero, at least me!  But you also need to be aware, that your new family member is going to need time to adjust and get comfortable in their new surroundings.

Every meet and greet I’ve had with Lucy has not ended in success as each family was expecting something from her.  Something that she needs time to give, trust.  Lucy has shown her kindness, how sweet she is, and her fun personality at her past couple meet and greets, however; she has also shown her insecurity.

Don’t get me wrong, I am glad that the potential adopters decide Lucy isn’t right for them, rather than adopting her and surrendering her back to the rescue.  But I also feel that if you’re going to adopt you need to be aware that RESCUE means the dogs have been RESCUED from situations.

Even with a puppy, there isn’t always an instant bond, however; it usually comes easier as the pup has less baggage (and yes, you can get puppies through rescues).

5 thoughts on “Instant Gratification……

  1. A very fair point and one you totally overlook. We had Dudley as a Puppy and I have been blogging about him now for six months but I never stopped to think about a puppy failing to bond with you…..Thanks for this awakening thought.

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  2. When my daughter and I first went to meet Betty, she was standoffish and wouldn’t even look at us. She only had eyes for her foster mom and it made me pause. When we got home, I went over the scant information they had about Betty and realized that I had absolutely zero idea what had happened to her in her past… her foster parents were likely the first stability she had experienced in awhile, if ever. No wonder she ignored us. To her we were the unknown! We decided to bring her into our family and I’m so glad that we did! She is the most affectionate and loving dog I’ve ever had. It took her awhile to open up but when she did? Just wow! So much love for and from my girl! ❤

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