No, this blog is not about beach footwear, it’s about my Bahamian Potcake, Flipflop.  A potcake is a mixed breed dog found on Caribbean Islands. The name comes from the congealed rice and pea mixture that local residents traditionally fed dogs.

As soon as I saw Flipflop’s photo I instantly wanted to meet him, so I messaged my good friend, who was set to be his foster mom once he arrived in Canada.  He and I were meant to be.

Although I haven’t done a DNA test on him, I swear he’s 80% Jack Russell Terrier and 10% Rottweiler and 10% mystery!  I could be completely off with that guess as well but I really don’t care what he is, he’s my baby.

Flipflop is not what I would describe as a perfect dog, he’s got some street instincts which I have to keep an eye on, but he’s very well socialized, friendly, and high energy!  He’s cuddly, loves his momma and is actually very sensitive.

Obviously I love this dog, but where he really shines the most is as a foster brother.  Flipflop is 3-1/2 now, I started fostering when he was 2, and regardless of the dog, he’s excelled at being a good foster sibling to them.

With any introduction of a new animal into a home, there is always an adjustment period.  Flipflop takes a few days to decide how he feels about his new foster sibling, but it always turns out he likes them.  And when that moment happens, the rest of the foster’s stay with us is magic.

Flipflop’s friendliness, confidence and playful personality lures the fosters out of their shell.  No matter their history, their fears and insecurities Flipflop teaches them to play, trust and love.  He essentially makes them dogs again.

As a foster parent I get a lot of credit from people for helping these dogs heal, but the truth is, I’m just one part of the equation, I  couldn’t do what I do without my amazing sidekick, Flipflop.

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