Lucy’s Final Post

My little foster Lucy, so sweet but so shy had such a hard time finding the right home.

Rescued as a pup from Mexico and then surrendered back to the rescue by 2 years old, she had no trust.  At the time of her surrender, there were no available foster homes, so Lucy was placed in a pet centre where she was well taken care of but the environment was not suited for her nervous personality.    Lucy started shutting down and showing signs of depression.

When I was available to foster again, I couldn’t refuse to help Lucy.  I went to pick her up, she was so scared she crawled to me on her belly.  It was heartbreaking.  Once outside, I got down on her level to introduce myself  to her.

It wasn’t until we got to my place and my trusted friend and neighbour came outside with my dogs to meet Lucy that Lucy started to relax. She instantly bonded with Flipflop, I called it the “terrier connection”!  I had never seen Flipflop warm up to a foster as quickly as he did Lucy.

For months Lucy lived with us, as part of our pack.  Going through meet and greet after meet and greet, each one resulting in Lucy not being the “right” dog.  Lucy must have been waiting for her people to come.  Because when they did, there was NO doubt in my mind that they were Lucy’s match.

Lucy bonded very quickly with her new mom and has made great progress with her dad in just a few days.  She is enjoying her walks and making new friends in her neighbourhood.

I’m so proud of her and how far she’s come with her insecurities, and even though I worried that when Lucy left her insecurities would get the best of her, instead she is flourishing.  Proving once again what an amazing dog she is.




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