Ben – Post 1

Adorable, there’s no other words to describe Ben, he’s about 35 lbs, has the head of a lab on a short, long body!  He’s so cute!  When he got out of the van and I saw him for the first time, I was instantly smitten.  His photos made him look like a large breed dog.

Ben is a lab mix, from his mom’s looks and his, there is likely some boxer in there and I think he gets his body from Basset Hound but a friend thinks he has Corgi in him.  Either way he has a whole lot of cute in him!


When he arrived my good friend and neighbour met me outside with Flipflop, Dahlia, their best friend Miss Ellie.  We took the four dogs for a walk in the park.  Flipflop would have nothing to do with me, as long as I was holding Ben’s leash.  My friend offered to take Ben’s leash and as soon as she did, Flipflop was instantly my baby again.

The introductions went as expected, and exactly as I described in my previous blog!  And as predicted on the fourth day (today), Flipflop completely warmed up to Ben.

I’m still learning about Ben but so far I can tell he’s wonderful with other dogs, he’s been to the dog park to play and to daycare with Flipflop and he LOVES the socialization and doesn’t make shy at all with other canines.

Ben seems to be nervous around people at times, I’m still working on what triggers him to be nervous with some people and not others.  Receiving him during the work week has made our “testing” time limited but I’ll work with him as much as possible on his people socialization since I know he’s got no issues with dogs! 🙂

His first night he barked at the cats, I think they startled him more than anything, but now he’s very calm with them.


Ben is likely getting posted on the adoption site this weekend, I don’t expect him to be with me long once he is, as long as I can figure out his people issues.  He gives a little growl when feeling uncomfortable and while I know that’s all he does, I still want to work with him to correct it to give him the best chances of being adopted.


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