Ben – Post 2

I know I fall for all my fosters (and every dog in general), that’s why I am compelled to do what I do with rescue.  Helping animals is what fuels me.  It’s always exciting (and stressful) when a new foster comes.

Ben’s transition went as well as most of the male fosters transitions do.  It took some time for Flipflop to warm up and now they are brothers.  And I have gotten to know Ben’s adorable personality.

As a foster parent, Ben is a dream, as he has no major trauma from his past.  He is playful, fearless and just a pup (around 16-17 months).  He still has the soft velvety puppy fur that is a dream to snuggle into. And snuggle he does.

From what I know of Ben’s past, his mom gave birth to him under a trailer on a farm in Florida.  The owner of the farm called the rescue to come and get Ben’s litter and his mom as he didn’t want them.  Before the rescue arrived, one of the farm hands took Ben.  I don’t know why, but for whatever reason, this person kept Ben for 14 months and then decided he no longer wanted him so called the rescue.

Ben loves to play, he loves toys and chewing on an antler.  Outside he loves to run and explore, and Flipflop is teaching him to play fetch.  Ben is learning quite quickly. He is mimicking everything and anything Flipflop does (the good and the bad!).


Ben is a very social dog as well, he loves the dog park and daycare, where he can engage with other dogs.  He loves to play chase and wrestle and there hasn’t been a dog Ben hasn’t liked yet!

Ben does get startled easily by people and when he does he will growl or bark, but I’m finding that happens very little.  He has warmed up very quickly to those in my inner circle and has quickly won a place in our hearts.

Whoever adopts Ben is in for a lifetime of fun, with this young dog!

Ben is available for adoption through Royal Canadian Pooch.



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