Leroy – for ADOPTION

I have been asked to assist in trying to re-home this sweet dog.  Please share and if anyone is interested reach me at:  fosterdogmomblog@gmail.com

Meet Leroy!  Leroy is a Malamute mix who is very affectionate with his human.  Leroy is 6 years old, neutered and up to date with his shots.  He is due for his next round of shots in June, and his current caretaker has offered to take care of those for his new family.  Leroy has not been around small children or been cat tested, he does get nervous when around other dogs, so an experienced owner who can help Leroy work through this fear would be preferred.

Leroy’s current owner was unable to take care of him due to medical reason and left Leroy with his mom, who is not in a position to take care of Leroy long term.

Leroy is approximately 65lbs and has medium energy so we are looking for a home willing to give him the exercise he requires.

RESCUES:  Owner does not wish to receive money for Leroy, if you’re able to help foster him and/or adopt him out, your regular adoption fees would be yours.

If anyone is interested in adopting him privately through me, I will be charging $100 and donating it to rescue.  Leroy’s “Grandma” just wants him to find a loving home that can take care of him.

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