Happy Mother’s Day – Ben Post 3

It’s a beautiful day here in downtown Mississauga, the sun is shining, birds are singing and dogs are sleeping!!  While most mom’s get flowers and/or dinner made for them on this day, my kids took me to the dog park.  Granted, my kids have paws and fur!!

We started our morning with a quick drive to Jack Darling Memorial Park, where the dogs gleefully got out of the car, knowing they’d be off leash soon.

We barely made it inside the park when Flipflop and Ben happily took off playing with a new four legged friend. Dahlia, true to her nature, didn’t leave my side, that is until she spotted an area of grass that was too good to resist rolling on.

As we made our way through the park the boys smiled, ran and played the whole time, while Dahlia lazed in the shade and occasionally got up to give the boys heck.  As I watched the boys engage in play with each other and random dogs who came and went, I took note of the changes in Ben in just the few weeks I’ve had him.

Ben no longer barked at people as the went by or tried to pet him, he happily ran up to them, although would back away if they went in to pet him, he didn’t growl.  He showed no fear or concern over those around us, he was full of play and confidence.

Unlike before where he didn’t seem to know what to do and would randomly just follow dogs, Ben was engaged. He would say hi to every dog and start a game of chase with some, others he would wrestle with, and some he would just say hi to and keep going.

Flipflop enjoyed joining Ben in the play and occasionally coming to lay by Dahlia, enjoying the shade and the grass.

We ended play at the park with an unexpected cool down in a large puddle, that all three of the dogs partook in.  Flipflop ran and splashed around as Ben joyfully did the same, looking for a spot deep enough to swim (there was none).  Dahlia calmly waded in the water, cooling herself before getting out to lay in the dirt.

Everyone was exhausted and content and ready to head home.  It was without a doubt a great start to our day, and although my kids will never buy me flowers or make me dinner, I wouldn’t trade being their furmom (and foster mom) for anything in this world.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mom’s out there!


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