Happy Birthday, Dupont!

On this day……………..for those of you who are on Facebook, you are familiar with this feature, it’s a feature that I am not personally a fan of but today it brought me great peace.

Dupont was my Collie/German shepherd X, and my first dog as an adult.  He was my world, as are the dogs I have now, and I was shattered when he passed away unexpectedly at 10-1/2 years of age.  But this blog is not about that sad day, this blog is about Dupont’s last birthday, four years ago today.

Facebook reminded me that on this day, Dupont had a birthday, like I would ever forget my his birth date! ❤  I remember posting a picture of him on his birthday and writing my thoughts on him for Facebook:

“Happy 10th Birthday to my best friend and baby, Dupont! In the past 10 years I have seen him through numerous break outs due to allergies, eye infections, thyroid concerns, battling arthritis since the young age of 3 and 2 cancer scares. And he has gotten me through 1 divorce, 3 moves, 2 promotions, 4 jobs, 2 broken hearts (3 if you include my divorce but I really wasn’t brokenhearted over that 😉) and numerous bad days.

Some people don’t understand the bond I share with Dupont and I feel sorry for them to not have experienced a bond like this with a pet that is irreplaceable.

Happy 10th birthday Dupont! I know I won’t have anothoter 10 years with you but I promise to make the remainder we do have as best as I can for you! But it really wouldn’t kill you to let mommy hug you for more than two seconds. Lol”

I had no idea it would be his last birthday we celebrated and the following year I would be comforted by a puppy, Flipflop, on this day while I still grieved for Dupont.  But today, as I looked at the memories, I realized what an amazing special day he and I had.

I didn’t remember that I started his day with strawberries and Greek yogurt for his breakfast, since he was the birthday boy, or that I took him to the pet store where he picked out anything he wanted and I purchased it all for him.  At 10 years old he was more interested in edible gifts than toys!  And of course he had a birthday cake to end his day.

As I looked back at the pictures, I am so glad I gave him the birthday he deserved, showed him the love that all dogs should have, and most of all spent some quality time with my sweet boy.

Dupont would have been 14 today, but instead he is forever young and free on the rainbow bridge looking out for me and all his fur siblings.



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