I first met Chloe when she was 3 years old, a lab/border collie cross, that had more energy and zest for life like no other dog I had met up until the moment.  Chloe’s mom, Jennifer, and I worked together part time at a vet clinic.  Jennifer was looking for a tenant and I was looking for a dog friendly place to move.  It was meant to be, and also started one of the most important and best friendships in my life.

Jennifer and I both understand dogs, so we wanted to do a few introductions between Dupont and Chloe prior to me moving me.  We choose a park and I remember to this day, seeing Jennifer standing with a white winter jacket on and Chloe gleefully looking up at her mom while they waited for us.

I remember Chloe being a very sweet, welcoming dog toward Dupont, Jennifer remembers it differently, lol.  She remembered that Chloe was grumpy with Dupont upon their first meeting, but warmed up to him eventually.

Dupont and I moved in and Chloe was more than happy to have me in her home, she and Dupont  settled in well with one another.  Their relationship was an interesting one, although both young dogs (Dupont was 2 at the time), they didn’t choose to play much with each other, but behaved more like a very content married couple.  Chloe was referred to lovingly by me as Dupont’s wife.

Living with Chloe introduced me to a whole new breed of dog, Dupont was so chill and laid back, Chloe was excitable and ready to play at a moments notice.  Looking back, I see how Chloe helped prepare me for a life with Flipflop, who is now the most energetic dog I have ever met!

Chloe loved to play ball and she had an infatuation with an orange ball she had found on a walk with her mom.  I fondly remember Chloe’s sister, Hope, dropping the ball down a vent that Jennifer was cleaning and the extremes Jennifer went through to get that ball back.  It made Chloe very happy to be reunited with her ball again, it was all she needed in life, aside from her mom!

At the sight of a sprinkler Chloe would lose her mind!  She LOVED water, and would entertain herself for hours by trying to “eat” the water as fast as she could as it came out of the sprinkler head.

Chloe always greeted me with excitement and love, and as she aged when I would visit she would still jump up like a puppy to see her Auntie.

While Chloe eventually lost her hearing and sight she never lost her love for life and sweet caring personality.  Needless to say, it was devastating when Jennifer told me Chloe’s time was coming, she would soon be meeting Dupont and her sister, Jasmine, on the rainbow bridge.  Sadly on June 9th 2017, while I was signing my adoption papers to adopt Dahlia, Jennifer was saying goodbye to her first dog.

Chloe opened her mom up to whole new world with dogs and how incredible and amazing they are.  And while I don’t feel this blog does justice to the amazing dog Chloe was, I wanted to honour her and the joy and love she brought to all of us during her time on this earth.

Sadly, in Chloe’s later years I didn’t see her as often as I would have liked but she was and always will be Auntie’s girl.

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