Adoption Day

“I am happy because I love his new family, but sad, he’s my favourite foster so far, I wish I could adopt him.” I tearfully texted to my best friend.

“Hon,” she responded back to me, ” don’t you say that about them all?”

“LOL, I guess I do.” I replied.

It’s one of the most anticipated and emotional days of being a foster mom.  The day my foster dog leaves to be with their forever family.

Ben left my care this week, and I went through my usual mixed bag of emotions.  Ben is such a special boy, so young and carefree, still learning about his world.  Finding the right fit for Ben was a bit challenging but we did it.

Ben needed a home where he would be understood, while he is a young dog, he is an insecure dog and wants to prove his “worth” to the pack.  Ben needed a family who would understand dog and know how work with him.

When Ben’s new family came to meet him, they took my advice seriously and remained calm and didn’t pressure Ben to let them near him.  Within five minutes of being ignored by them Ben approached them, wanting to be adored and pet by them.  By the end of the visit Ben was ready to go home with them!  Of course he had to wait, as we needed to finish our due diligence.

Six days later, Ben’s mom arrived to bring him to his home.   I walked Ben to his mom and he ran over to her, he must have remembered her from their first meeting.  His mom and I spoke for a few minutes and then I gave my foster dog a hug good bye.  Ben gleefully jumped up to hug me and I started to cry, I tried to keep my emotions in check, and quickly gathered myself.

“You’re such a good boy, button, ” I told him, “you’re going to have the best life!”  As I passed over his leash to his mom, she and I exchanged hugs.  I received a couple text, from Ben’s mom, on his first day with his new family, he’s settling in perfectly, as expected.

I fall in love every time but it’s so worth the rewards in the end, when a dog in need finds that perfect home!







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