Ben has been in his forever home for almost 3 weeks now and his parents have been sending me the best updates.  He’s gaining so much confidence and is getting along great with his canine sister, Gelfa.  In pictures, he’s snuggling up to his dad and mom, playing happily with toys, or resting on a couch.  I love these updates and share them excitedly with the rescue I foster for, as I know they love them too.

When Ben moved out, everyone asked if I was getting another foster.  “Of course,” I answered, “but not for a couple months. I’ll take a bit of a break for the summer.”  Anyone who has read my blogs faithfully, probably all ready know how incorrect that statement was!

I was having lunch with my sister and nephew today and I saw a message from a rescue.  “Are you able to take another foster in  about a week?” And then Rose’s story was shared with me.

Rose is about 1-1/2 years old, a small, playful girl who is a Dachshund/Chihuahua mix.  Her owners moved and decided Rose didn’t need to move with them. At 1:30 in the morning, a call came into the rescue, little Rose was left on her porch, likely waiting for her beloved family to come home.    Unfortunately, what Rose didn’t realize is she was abandoned.

Of course, I agreed I would foster Rose, I can never say no to a dog or rescue in need if I have the capacity to help.

Rose will be coming to me in about a week, I have never had a foster who weighed less than 30 lbs, so it will be interesting to have a small dog.  That said, Flipflop prefers to play with the small dogs at daycare and as I said before, he seems to warm up to the female fosters much quicker than the males.  I’m sure there will still be an adjustment period for my forever dogs, but I’m excited to introduce them and the world to Rose.


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