The joy of skunks

My sweet foster Rose arrived Tuesday night.  She is a very sweet Chihuahua Dachshund mix, who is friendly and full of cuteness!!  We had a usual first night, where everyone was a bit unsettled and figuring things out.

Wednesday morning I got up early so I could take the dogs to the local park and get in the fully fenced football field to give Flipflop and Rose a chance to play and start to bond.  Flipflop gleefully put his leash in mouth and started running.  Flipflop thinks his leash is pure gold and everyone wants it.  He proudly carries it around every chance he gets!  As expected, Rose excitedly understood the game and started running.


Dahlia and I hung back and watched the two young dogs run and chase one another.  They ran circles around the filed and then suddenly Flipflop stopped, something caught his attention.  I started looking along the fence line for another dog or a person walking.  And then I saw it, just as Flipflop and Rose ran to the end of the field, a skunk was on the other side of the fence.

The two dogs ran near the fence line, just in range of the skunk, I called Flipflop, he came to me, I gave him some pats.  I should have grabbed his leash, because no sooner did I pet him and gave him the signal he was free, he ran back toward Rose and the skunk.  I called him again and this time both he and Rose ran to me but it was too late.

Rose dropped and rolled, Flipflop rolled a bit, I could smell it immediately, the skunk had sprayed.  So in less than 12 hours since I met Rose, she was getting a bath, followed by Flipflop.

A remedy I found that works well is 1 bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide, 1/4 cup Baking Soda and 1 Tsp Dish Soap.  Mix the ingredients with gloved hands and lather up the dog.  Let the lather sit for a short period of time and then shampoo the dog with their normal dog shampoo, rinse well.  If you wish you can shampoo the dog a couple times, but I find one good shampooing usually does the trick.

Unfortunately due to Rose’s size, she got sprayed from head to toe, so her face is still smelly, but it doesn’t change how adorable she is!


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