Rose – Post 2

Rose was dropped off July 10th and much to my surprise, she was an absolute delight.  I wasn’t sure what to expect with Rose, she was little (11 lbs), and I had only ever had dogs 30-100 lbs.  Rose long and lean like Dachshund, but her ears weren’t quite as long as a purebred.

As soon as she came over to Flipflop and I, I could tell this little dog has sass!!!  She was playful and confident and ready to start her next adventure!  I was smitten.

I had expected Rose to be yappy, but she was not. I expected her to be shy, but she was not.  Rose loves everything and everyone. She couldn’t wait to greet any person we walked by and play with any dog.

Her first night she slept in bed with me and the following day I put her in her crate when I left for work.  I expected barking and crying, there was none.  She was content in her crate with her toy and a treat.

When I got home from work, she was quiet in her crate, standing up and wagging her tail.  I approached her to let her out and she started crying with excitement.  The next morning while I was working out, Rose was running around the living room, collecting dog toys and putting them in her crate.  I guess she decided if she was going to be in there all day, she wanted a selection of toys!

But she wasn’t in there the second day, she went to daycare with Flipflop.  At daycare, Rose’s confidence excelled even more, she played with every dog in the room.  Rose literally didn’t stop all day.  It was so blissful that night, she curled up and slept soundly the whole evening!

Friday she was left in her crate again, with a selection of toys, and was quite content.

Saturday morning I woke up early to walk the dogs before taking Rose on an hour drive to an Adoption Fair.  Rose happily played with the other dogs while people came and went to see the dogs.

At the end of the day Rose, much to everyone’s surprise, had not been adopted.  I was asked to leave Rose at the pet centre where the fair was being held.  I immediately said no.

The pet centre owner told me that if I left Rose, she would likely be adopted out in a few days based on how many people saw her today.  I was torn, but then decided I would leave her there, as it was best for Rose that way.

I spent some more time with Rose and then took her to the pen she was going to sleep in for the night, and I saw where she would be free to play during each day she was there.  In my most cheerful voice I told her what an amazing girl she is, and how she is going to go to a new home very soon and will have the best life she deserves.

I put her down and she looked up at me with her big brown eyes, I shut the gate and told her she was good. As I turned away my tears stated flowing like crazy, they are starting again, as I type this.

I felt as if I abandoned her, I was so sad and worried that Rose would think she was not loved by me.  I stuck around speaking with some of the other volunteers, one of them was kind enough to check on Rose and told me she was totally content and chill and just being a dog.  It didn’t make me feel less sad or guilty for leaving her but I was relieved she was content.

Rose wasn’t even at the pet centre for 24 hours and was adopted! Sunday morning she met her forever mom, and her sibling, a dachshund!

Another happy ending!



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