Think with your head

***FOSTERS NEEDED*** I read, and saw that there was a chance to get a couple of “adult” dogs off the Island off Turks and Caicos, if fosters were found.  With Rose being adopted, and knowing that the rescue I work with was not due to have another intake of dogs until the fall, I responded to the email.

The Human Society of Durham Region (HSDR) has a wonderful Potcake program, and when they can, they bring dogs from the Islands for adoption.  I haven’t posted on Island dogs yet, which is funny since Flipflop is one, a future blog post, I suppose!

I have been on HSDR’s email list for a while but have not had the opportunity to assist them, yet.  I had to go through their process to be approved as a foster. I completed the forms and watched their foster video.  The video was not anything I wasn’t aware of, but its a great video for people new to fostering in general.  The slide that really caught my attention was “Think with your head, not your heart.”

It addresses the importance of doing this when fostering.   It is very easy (in fact too easy) to fall in love with every foster.  It is also very tempting to want to keep them all, but that is not what fostering is about.  Fostering is about getting the dog ready to go to its forever home, or in the case of HSDR to the shelter to be adopted.

The slide talks about the importance of what a foster home’s responsibility and duty is and the importance of letting your foster go.  I loved the slide because I hear time and time again (and pretty sure I’ve ranted in my blog a time or two) about people who don’t understand and say things such as they couldn’t do it as they would fall in love with the dog (can’t think of one foster I had where I didn’t sob when they left because – yep – you guessed it, I fell in love with him/her).  Or how they couldn’t do it as it would break their hearts, yes my heart breaks every time one leaves, but what happens to strays and unwanted dogs in this world breaks my heart even more!

And while I sob and mend my broken heart – which one special rescuer said to me, “it’s not your heart breaking it’s your heart expanding to make room for another dog” – I think of the amazing life that dog who just left my home is going to have with their forever family.  And of course, what adventure the next foster will bring into my world.

My HSDR foster is expected to arrive August 5th, weather permitted (dogs can’t fly when the temperature is over or under a certain degree).  I will definitely get on line and share their story and the love my pack and I develop for them.


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