She’s 12 weeks old and adorable!  But then again, what puppy isn’t?!  Daisy is my foster from Turks & Caicos, I am taking care of her for the Humane Society of Durham Region  (www.hsdr.org).

I have to admit, I was not looking forward to Daisy’s arrival, puppies are exhausting and although I have rescued puppies of my own, I had never fostered a pup.  I expected it to be a challenge, I expected the pup to cry all night, to potty everywhere and I thought she would torment Flipflop and Dahlia.

When Daisy arrived, I did my usual introduction to Flipflop and Dahlia.  Since she was so young and small, there was very little interest in her by my dogs.  Even when we went upstairs to my place, Flipflop grumbled a bit, Dahlia didn’t care the puppy was there and Daisy was interested in exploring her new place.  It was very uneventful.

It was very late so I put Daisy in her crate and went to bed. That is when the temper tantrum started, Daisy was not impressed. Realizing it was 1 am and my neighbours would not appreciate hearing this screaming dog, I broke my own rule and took her out of the crate.  I took the small pup to my bed and we all slept soundly until Flipflop decided it was time to get up 6 hours later.

The next day went very well, Daisy is a sponge, watching and learning from Flipflop and Dahlia.  Daisy tries to play with them, but they are so much larger than she is, she’s often overlooked or gets knocked over.  She watches Flipflop intently while he runs carrying his leash, she tries to pick up hers and sometimes she is successful, other times she finds it hard and ends up watching Flipflop again for more tips.


I’m looking forward to watching Daisy continue to grow and learn while she is in my care.  Whoever ends up adopting this pup will be very lucky, she’s a very special girl.


I was feeding Daisy in the kitchen but after her very first meal, she stopped eating and insisted on being fed with the other dogs!


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