Puppy Reunion

“I’m getting TWO of Daisy’s litter mates Saturday night until Monday!  Would be so adorable to meet up and get the puppies together to play.”  That was the text I received from a good friend of mine and fellow foster-mom/dog owner, Sarah.  Of course, I immediately responded and plans were made to reunite Daisy and two of her siblings.

On Sunday, I excitedly took Daisy to meet her siblings at Sarah’s home.  I expected a joyful reunion, with pups jumping up and down with glee that they are reunited again.  Boy was I wrong, Daisy’s siblings, Ruby and Penny, we’re snuggled together sleeping, Daisy laid down and ignored them.  Sarah and I were puzzled, she also expected the pups to be much more excited about being together again.

Sarah and I decided to leave the puppy pen and go to the kitchen to have a coffee and watch the pups from there.  It wasn’t long after Sarah and I left the puppy pen that the siblings started interacting together.

After a few minutes of the pups getting reacquainted, Sarah and I decided to move the party outside.  The three siblings ran and wrestled and had so much fun with another.  It was such a special moment.


And just when I thought the day couldn’t get any better, later that afternoon I received a message that an acquaintance of mine, Casey, had been approved to adopt Daisy!  My sweet girl will be leaving this week to go to her forever home.

Daisy’s siblings are also adoptable through http://www.hsdr.org.

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