Flipflop – Post 2

I never wanted another dog, once Dupont was gone, I told myself, I would foster in his honour, but I never wanted to own another dog again. I knew, as Dupont must have, that losing him would be the end of me.  Dupont also knew, better than I did, that I needed a dog in my life, whether I agreed or not.  So somehow, through devine intervention, Dupont led me to Flipflop.

Upon first site of his photo, I was making arrangements to meet Flipflop (Smokey was his rescue name), to date I don’t know what came over me, which is why I feel Dupont somehow made me do it!

Within days of Flipflop arriving in Canada, he was adopted by me.  Three months later, Dupont left this earth, and it was every bit as painful as I knew it would be.  He was my world.  But I couldn’t stay in bed and cry my days away, he left me with Flipflop, who was just a 4 months old and needed me.

When Flipflop turned two I decided it was time to make good of my promise to Dupont.  I would start fostering dogs and help as many as I could find good homes.  And so with that, I started reaching out to my networks in the rescue community.  It wasn’t long before I had my first foster.

In the past 20 months I’ve had 10 fosters, with each one I grew more relaxed and confident and Flipflop has matured greatly and has embraced each foster, in his own way.

This morning, while I sipped my coffee, I watched Flipflop and Daisy play. I realized with each foster I am learning to appreciate Flipflop more and  more.  How he studies each new dog and befriends them, it is always so interesting and amazing to watch.  My heart filled with pride and love as he wrestled with the puppy so gently, taking breaks to come over to me for praise for being a good boy.

With each new foster I fall more and more in love with Flipflop and our bond becomes stronger and stronger as we send off each dog to their forever homes and welcome new ones in.



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