Willie & Bambi

I was sitting at work, it was around noon on Monday and my mind wondered to home.  “I wonder how they’re doing.” I thought to myself.  Just then my company’s CEO (and fellow animal lover) popped in my office door, “how are the babies?” she asked, knowing I had just received two new fosters the previous night.

“OH, Karen,” I said, “it’s awful, it’s not even been 24 hours and I’m in love with them!  I’m so emotional, I really am a horrible foster! I shouldn’t do it”  Karen smiled at me and said, “Yes, you should.”

Willie and Bambi, were found living on the streets of Antigua, with three of their siblings. Arrangements were made to bring Willie and Bambi to Canada to be adopted out by the Humane Society of Durham Region.  I agreed to foster them until there is room in the shelter for them.

Being the first time I had two fosters at the same time, and only the second time I fostered puppies (they are about 4 months old) I was a bit apprehensive, but as usual, everything is working out fine.  A couple of friends offered up puppy play pens and I took one of them up on it.  It took Bambi not even 24 hours, to learn to climb the puppy pen like a ladder and get out.  I placed a fitted sheet over the top now and it seems to have stopped her from climbing!

Bambi and Willie love to be together and feel safe and secure in their pen, even when I am home and they have free range of the place, they often go to their pen for naps.  They have also started hoarding their favourite toys in the pen.

It’s been interesting watching the dynamics between the two pups and my pets.  Flipflop is used to taking fosters under his care and teaching them.  But Bambi and Willie rely on each other and don’t look to him for guidance………or so I thought.  While the two siblings are inseparable and play with one another, they do seem to be learning from Flipflop and Dahlia.

They picked up on leash walking in less than 24 hours, which was incredible considering the first walk I took them on, they didn’t seem to know how to walk at all!  They started only going potty outside within 36 hours and just last night they started trying to mimic Flipflop and Dahlia’s rolling in the grass!

I’m excited to see these two continue to learn and grow as they become more and more accustomed to life in Canada.  They will be leaving me in a week or two to go to the humane society to find their forever home(s), I will definitely keep tabs on them!

You can find out more about adoption of Willie and Bambi and other amazing dogs at http://www.hsdr.org.







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