Meant to be…….

When I first started fostering, it seemed my fosters were getting adopted so easily.  Not necessarily within days, but when a family showed interest in that dog, the dog was adopted.  It was when I was fostering Dahlia, that I encountered the reality of not all dogs getting adopted after their first meet & greet.

Dahlia was adopted after her first meet and greet, however; after her first night at her new home was returned to me.  Which turned out to be what was supposed to happen, as Dahlia decided she was meant to be mine (Reference my Lost dog(s) post).

Sometimes a dog chooses us as they are who we need, other times they choose us as we are what they need.

To protect peoples privacy I am not using names in this blog

I’ve had a couple of fosters who were abused and scared of everything and everyone.  They found their “safe” spot in my home and that’s where they stayed until they started gaining trust and confidence.

One of the dog’s was so afraid of men, he would growl anytime one walked by us. I had male friends come over, just to ignore the dog so he could start to trust and be less afraid.

An application came in for adoption, I agreed to take the dog to this family’s home and combine both the meet and greet and home inspection.  Seeing how the dog interacted with the people in the house and even approached the male, on his own, led me to know that this was his family, and they knew it too.

I saw a video just last week of this once shy, scared dog, he was playing and having the time of his life. It was a beautiful sight.

My other fearful pup had to be walked by me just to get her out of hiding so the family who wanted to adopt her could see her.  Despite her nervousness, she loved walks, so the family and I walked her and after the walk, they said they wanted her……I haven’t seen her lately but I did get a photo a couple months after her adoption, she was no longer hiding and was laying on the couch.  I was told she also “hogs” the bed.

These two dogs knew the humans who would help them become the dogs they were meant to be.

On the flip side, I have had who had no need for a human to make them better, they were perfectly fine with who they were.  The two that come to mind were pretty trusting and happy from day two (day one is always hard).

What surprised me with these two dogs is how they would display completely different personalities when they would meet families. I couldn’t understand it, at first, it made no sense to me that these dogs who were so kind and friendly with me and my friends, would turn into timid, shy, insecure dogs when families came to meet them.

One of my dogs choose her family, after about 3 or 4 others had come to meet her and passed her up for being too shy or “not the right fit”.  When her family showed up, she knew it and took an instant liking to them.  When they came two days later to pick her up, she greeted them at the door happy as could be!  She found her family.

I found out a couple months ago, that the father of this family passed away suddenly, and that this dog was helping everyone through the grieve.  She didn’t need a family to make her whole, she was meant to make this family whole again after a devastating death and she knew it.

Shortly after I had another foster, who barked and growled at one of his potential families, again I didn’t understand where this behavior came from. Even during the home visit, the dog curled up to me and wanted nothing to do with this family. Who, by the way, were lovely people and even brought him a toy.  But once again, somehow this dog knew he was needed elsewhere.

And sure enough, when he met his forever family, he just knew, he contently let them pet him and only had eyes for his future momma.  I heard from his family recently, and they too are going through a loss and of course having the dog is helping a great deal…….And that’s when I fully understood it, sometimes a dog knows someone is going to need them, so they will wait for that family to find them and when they do you can see from the first interactions, that family and dog are meant to be…..


Four years old

With most rescues their actual date of birth and age is unknown and is estimated.  Flipflop was 8-12 weeks old when I got him, so I decided to give him the age of 10 weeks and calculated his birthday to be September 3rd.

I look at him now and it amazes me on how he’s grown and matured.  Fostering other dogs has really matured him.  I look at his face,  seeing white where black fur was once dominate, it makes my heart sad.  But I remind myself that he’s only four years old.

I reflect back to when I got him, just a small pup, with more confidence than I’d ever seen.  Flipflop had more energy than I ever came across in my life, the Jack Russel in him so obvious!  I couldn’t tire him enough, so he ended up at daycare 5 days a week, and then slowly his days there became less as he matured.  Just recently he’s stopped going to daycare, as he has reached a point where I am able to give him suffice exercise, finally!!!

Every now and then that crazy Potcake energy comes out and Flipflop becomes completely unmanageable, but after a good run or play with a friend, he calms down and his crazy energy out burst passes.  Unlike when he was a puppy and these bursts would last for days, now they last for a couple hours and aren’t frequent at all.

He still loves to play fetch and run and be chased but most importantly, he still loves to give me hugs and snuggle up to me while I am watching TV.

When I had Dupont I felt I would never love another dog as much as I loved him.  I was wrong, I love all my dogs deeply, but like the people in our lives, all the dogs are different.  The love for one does not out weigh the love you had or have for another.  Your heart just keeps expanding and loving more.

Happy fourth birthday to my sweet baby boy.





Willie & Bambi – Post 2



Bambi is a leader, while I wouldn’t say she has the characteristics of an alpha, she is confident, feisty and definitely a leader in her pack.  Upon first meeting Bambi she was full of life and wasted no time grabbing dog toys and exploring.

Bambi loves her big foster sister Dahlia.  Bambi will make an effort to jump up (as Dahlia is quite a bit larger than her) and nuzzle Dahlia’s neck until Dahlia literally can’t stand it anymore.  Even as Dahlia starts to growl and warn Bambi she’s had enough, Bambi refuses to stop.  She is a girl who knows what she wants to do!  Fortunately for Bambi, Dahlia is not aggressive and will never bite, and fortunately for Dahlia, I have her back and remove Bambi.


Bambi loves to play chase, and if no one is running, she will gleefully run herself in a circle. She is learning to play fetch, but so far just gets the ball and then runs around with it. She also enjoys wrestling with her brother, Willie, and rolling in the grass is on the top of her list!

Her sleek doberman looks get her lots of attention, she is small and gets mistaken as a doberman pup (she’s a mutt). Depending on how the light hits her fur, she sometimes looks like a red doberman or a black one, but she is neither, her brindle legs show her mix and her size is too large for min pin and too small for doberman!

And then there are her ears! She looks like she could use them as wings and fly away, which just adds to her adorableness.



Bambi’s liter mate, Willie, was shy and slightly timid when I met him two weeks ago.  He’s grown so much in the time I’ve had him.

Upon arriving in Canada, Willie would never be seen far from his sister.  He looked to Bambi for everything, to teach him and comfort him.  His confidence has grown a great deal! While he still loves his sister and they play together a lot, Willie will now venture away from Bambi’s side to play with Flipflop or other dogs we encounter on our walks.  He is starting to be less timid of people he meets on the street and is starting to want everyone to stop and say hello to him.

Willie loves to wrestle, his favourite dog toys are the rope ones and also loves Dahlia but tends to migrate more to Flipflop.


Willie’s cuteness is not to be overshadowed by his beautiful sister.  While his markings are few on his face, he has beautiful brindle socks and all you have to do is pick him up and he will go limp in your arms and snuggle with you for days.

I am so proud of Willie for his growth, he’s no longer a scared pup who needs to be by Bambi’s side to feel safe, he’s come into his own.  And while he still enjoys the company of his sister very much, he no longer looks to her for reassurance, he’s learned he’s safe and loved.

Both Bambi and Willie are being adopted out by  They are a bonded pair so the hope is they will get adopted into the same home.