Willie & Bambi – Post 2



Bambi is a leader, while I wouldn’t say she has the characteristics of an alpha, she is confident, feisty and definitely a leader in her pack.  Upon first meeting Bambi she was full of life and wasted no time grabbing dog toys and exploring.

Bambi loves her big foster sister Dahlia.  Bambi will make an effort to jump up (as Dahlia is quite a bit larger than her) and nuzzle Dahlia’s neck until Dahlia literally can’t stand it anymore.  Even as Dahlia starts to growl and warn Bambi she’s had enough, Bambi refuses to stop.  She is a girl who knows what she wants to do!  Fortunately for Bambi, Dahlia is not aggressive and will never bite, and fortunately for Dahlia, I have her back and remove Bambi.


Bambi loves to play chase, and if no one is running, she will gleefully run herself in a circle. She is learning to play fetch, but so far just gets the ball and then runs around with it. She also enjoys wrestling with her brother, Willie, and rolling in the grass is on the top of her list!

Her sleek doberman looks get her lots of attention, she is small and gets mistaken as a doberman pup (she’s a mutt). Depending on how the light hits her fur, she sometimes looks like a red doberman or a black one, but she is neither, her brindle legs show her mix and her size is too large for min pin and too small for doberman!

And then there are her ears! She looks like she could use them as wings and fly away, which just adds to her adorableness.



Bambi’s liter mate, Willie, was shy and slightly timid when I met him two weeks ago.  He’s grown so much in the time I’ve had him.

Upon arriving in Canada, Willie would never be seen far from his sister.  He looked to Bambi for everything, to teach him and comfort him.  His confidence has grown a great deal! While he still loves his sister and they play together a lot, Willie will now venture away from Bambi’s side to play with Flipflop or other dogs we encounter on our walks.  He is starting to be less timid of people he meets on the street and is starting to want everyone to stop and say hello to him.

Willie loves to wrestle, his favourite dog toys are the rope ones and also loves Dahlia but tends to migrate more to Flipflop.


Willie’s cuteness is not to be overshadowed by his beautiful sister.  While his markings are few on his face, he has beautiful brindle socks and all you have to do is pick him up and he will go limp in your arms and snuggle with you for days.

I am so proud of Willie for his growth, he’s no longer a scared pup who needs to be by Bambi’s side to feel safe, he’s come into his own.  And while he still enjoys the company of his sister very much, he no longer looks to her for reassurance, he’s learned he’s safe and loved.

Both Bambi and Willie are being adopted out by http://www.hsdr.org.  They are a bonded pair so the hope is they will get adopted into the same home.


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