Four years old

With most rescues their actual date of birth and age is unknown and is estimated.  Flipflop was 8-12 weeks old when I got him, so I decided to give him the age of 10 weeks and calculated his birthday to be September 3rd.

I look at him now and it amazes me on how he’s grown and matured.  Fostering other dogs has really matured him.  I look at his face,  seeing white where black fur was once dominate, it makes my heart sad.  But I remind myself that he’s only four years old.

I reflect back to when I got him, just a small pup, with more confidence than I’d ever seen.  Flipflop had more energy than I ever came across in my life, the Jack Russel in him so obvious!  I couldn’t tire him enough, so he ended up at daycare 5 days a week, and then slowly his days there became less as he matured.  Just recently he’s stopped going to daycare, as he has reached a point where I am able to give him suffice exercise, finally!!!

Every now and then that crazy Potcake energy comes out and Flipflop becomes completely unmanageable, but after a good run or play with a friend, he calms down and his crazy energy out burst passes.  Unlike when he was a puppy and these bursts would last for days, now they last for a couple hours and aren’t frequent at all.

He still loves to play fetch and run and be chased but most importantly, he still loves to give me hugs and snuggle up to me while I am watching TV.

When I had Dupont I felt I would never love another dog as much as I loved him.  I was wrong, I love all my dogs deeply, but like the people in our lives, all the dogs are different.  The love for one does not out weigh the love you had or have for another.  Your heart just keeps expanding and loving more.

Happy fourth birthday to my sweet baby boy.





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