A Lucy Reunion

A year ago at this time, I was fostering Lucy. A Jack Russell Terrier mix who was just 2 years old when her owners decided to surrender her to rescue due to a divorce.  Lucy was with us for 6 months before she picked her family.

Over the months since she’s been adopted, her family and I have been in touch and have had several failed attempts for a play date, but we finally got one that came together.

I imagined our reunion to be a happy one, which it was.  I pictured Lucy running to me with excitement the moment she heard my voice, which she did not………….

When we arrived at Lucy’s home, she was outside waiting with her mom.  I got out of the car and started talking to her, but she barked at me and backed away, staying close to her mom.  I know Lucy, so I understood her insecurities, I also knew she was now bonded to her forever family (as she should be) and was protecting her mom.  I stopped trying to get Lucy to come to me and went to the car and  brought Dahlia out.

The moment Lucy smelled Dahlia, all her memories came rushing back, she stopped barking at me and immediately ran over to me and jumped up and hugged me.  We had a few minutes of pets and hugs and kisses and then I went back to the car and let out Flipflop.


Flipflop and Lucy loved each other from the moment they met.  They were inseparable and best friends.  The moment I let Flipflop out and he and Lucy saw each other, it was like no time had passed.  They immediately started chasing one another and running around Lucy’s amazing yard.

We took the dogs for a walk through the woods, while Lucy and Flipflop ran, chased and wrestled, Dahlia held back with me and Lucy’s mom.  While running through the woods and showing Flipflop her favourite spots to swim, Lucy would take a time out once and a while to run back to me and jump up for pets and hugs.   She definitely remembered us all!

After our walk, we went inside for a cup of tea, where Lucy sat quietly by my legs the whole time to be pet.  It was so nice to spend time with her again and see her so happy!!

When it was time for us to leave, Lucy walked us out to my car.  Dahlia got in immediately, Flipflop gave Lucy a little nuzzle and then hopped in.  I gave Lucy a hug and told her how happy I was for her.  Lucy smelled the car, almost like she was trying to figure out if she should get in or stay. She stayed, she choose her family 6 months ago and she happily wanted to stay with them now.

There were times when I worried Lucy would never find her match,  but she knew what she was doing and waited for the perfect home for her.  I am so grateful Lucy’s family opened up their home to her, and to us to come and visit her.




The Antigua Twins – Willie & Bambi

Willie and Bambi left my home three weeks ago.  The shelter contacted me and said there was room for the two.  It was, as I expected, a sad moment for me. It broke  my heart to know they would be shelter dogs, but I also knew that this meant they would be posted for adoption and on their way to finding forever homes.

I thought of them often, checking the site to see if they are still on there, even though the shelter promised to keep me in the loop on their adoptions.  It’s hard being a foster mom, for me anyway, but it is even harder to let the dogs go when they don’t have homes. This was my second experience with this, and it was just as hard as the first time.

And then a week and a half after the shelter took them in,  I saw a message from a member of the humane society board.  Bambi was approved for adoption.  I was so happy for Bambi and heartbroken that Willie was being left behind. I did check on Willie, however; and was told they separated the pups a few days ago to see how they are on their own, and Willie was happy, healthy and quite content.

I have been in touch with Bambi’s mom, who has shared photos of Bambi quite happy at home with her new family.  Her name has been changed to Vanya and she is trying to encourage her two feline siblings to play with her.  I can tell from the couple of conversations I had with Vanya’s mom, and the photos of Vanya owning her new home, that she is definitely where she is supposed to be.  Lucky lady.

Just a few days after Vanya’s adoption,  I got another message, Willie found his forever home! I heard from his mom and she is smitten with him.  As we expected, Willie is taking some time to adjust to his new surroundings, but he is coming around quickly.

I am so excited these siblings have found their families, and the best part is both families are interested in the pups staying in one another lives.  They have exchanged numbers and will arrange play dates for Vanya and  Willie to be to life long friends.