A play date with Ben

It’s always an adjustment when a foster leaves, and it takes a few days for my emotions and life to return  to “normal”.  I am grateful for the families that stay in touch and keep me posted on how the dogs are adapting to their new homes.  I love hearing about them and seeing photos.  And I love when a family takes the time and effort to reunite me and their dog!

On Sunday I was lucky enough to have a visit with Ben, now called Douglas.  I was delighted when Douglas’s mom got out of the car and told me that as soon as they turned onto my street Douglas had memory of the area and got really excited.

When Douglas got out of the car, he immediately remembered me and jumped on me to show his excitement.  He then excitedly say hi to Dahlia and Flipflop.  Much to my surprise, Dahlia was happy to see him and gave him a kiss. Flipflop was happy to see him, but not overly excited. As Douglas tried to engage Flipflop in play, Flipflop opted to stand behind me, communicating to Douglas, he did not wish to play at the moment.

We took the three dogs for a long walk and then for a run in a field, when we were done the three dogs were exhausted.

It was great but the best part, aside from seeing Douglas again, was seeing his changes.  Once called my “boggle head” dog, as he had such a large head on what appeared to be a tiny body, Douglas now has confidence.  So much confidence he stands tall, and no longer looks too short for his body.  His ribs are no longer evident, but he still still slim, just very muscular from the exercise and great food his mom gives him.

Douglas no longer hides at loud noises or lunges at bikes, he sits and waits for other dogs to pass him, and doesn’t shy away from people.  His mom has done such amazing things with him, and his life.

Douglas and his mom are still working on his training, and he loves it.  He wakes up every morning excited for his mom to put him to “work” and thrives when he can show off to someone how good he is.

I knew he was doing well, as his mom and I stay in touch, but to see the physical transformation of this young dog, made me happier than words can say!

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