Doggie Kindness

It’s the holiday season and all my favourite holiday classics are making their appearances on television.  As I watch Rudolph, I am recalling as a child how it upset me how mean Santa was to Rudolph when Santa saw Rudolph’s shining nose.  Poor Rudolph had so many turn against him, just for being different.  It seems so unfair, but then again, humans wrote the story and humans, many of us anyway, are flawed and many of us cast judgement on differences we don’t understand.  But Santa wasn’t the only one who turned  on Rudolph so did his reindeer friends!

Seeing this reminded me of my previous dog, Dupont, and how he and a group of dogs first made me realize what a wonderful world it could be if humans treated each other like dogs………..

Dupont, my precious collie/shepherd mix, passed away almost 4 years ago.  I have so many wonderful memories of our time together and one of those memories is a hike we were on with a hiking group we belonged to.

We were hiking in a beautiful conservation area, with lots of water falls, wooded areas and bridges.  Dupont had never been there before and was having a wonderful time.  That was until we got to a metal bridge that, for some reason, made Dupont nervous.  I tried coasting him over the bridge, he wouldn’t budge.  I went across it myself and called him over to me, he still froze in fear.  I tried and I tried, as all the other dogs and owners crossed and waited.

Dupont was not coming over that bridge, no way, no how!  One of the fellow hikers crossed over to Dupont and picked him up (all 100 lbs of him!) and carried him across.  Once Dupont was safely carried over to the other side, the hiker put him down.

The human in me thought for sure the dogs would now shun Dupont, not want to play with him because he was fearful of a bridge that they all crossed.  But of course that is not what happened.  What did happen is Dupont resumed playing with the other dogs as if nothing had happened and had a wonderful rest of the day.

I remember thinking, for the first time in my life, at that very moment, how much kinder the world would be if humans treated one another like dogs.18951321_10154477978116922_7367861375054891753_n


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