I write a lot about the relationship Flipflop has with my fosters, how he takes care of them and teaches them, but I seldom talk about his relationship with, Dahlia.  Dahlia arrived in our home in  April 2017.  She was to be foster number 4 but I ended up adopting her and she became part of my forever family.

Dahlia is 9 or 10 years old (9 if you go by the birth date I gave her, but I don’t know for certain when she was born), and Flipflop is 4.  Despite her being the senior dog, she was very broken when she moved in with me, and she too got schooled by Flipflop (and continues to learn from him).

She looks up to her baby brother and he looks out for her. I am so used to seeing them together every day, I often forget how sweet their bond is, but was reminded this morning.

Last night I was at a Christmas party, hosted by my good friend and neighbour.  When the crowd thinned out late in the evening, I went and got the dogs (my neighbours dog, Miss Ellie, was at my place during the party as well).

Dahlia eventually laid and slept, she had a very long walk that day with Flipflop and Miss Ellie.  She had also met Santa for the first time that afternoon so it was an eventful day for her.  When I got up to leave the party, Flipflop followed me to the door and I put his leash on.  I called Dahlia and grabbed her leash, she wasn’t moving.  She was exhausted!  It’s not the first time Dahlia visited my neighbour and invited herself to sleep over, by refusing to get up.  I thanked my neighbour for the fun evening and allowing Dahlia to spend the night.

This morning, Flipflop and I got up and went out for our usual long walk. When we got home, I was certain he was going to eat breakfast and fall asleep.  But I was wrong. Flipflop was expecting to see Dahlia when he got home.

He ran into our apartment and bolted to the bedroom, upon seeing Dahlia was not there, he ran to the living room and was looking for her.  He immediately became concerned and wanted on the balcony to check for her there.  I told him she would be home later and made his breakfast.

Normally Flipflop ravenously eats his meals, but today he took a couple of pieces of his kibble and dropped them on the floor.  He had no interest in food, and just kept walking around looking for Dahlia.  He sat beside me and whined with concern.

I texted my neighbour asking when I could come and get Dahlia to soothe Flipflop’s concern.  I waited for my neighbour to respond and remembered I had a marrow bone in my cupboard which I gave Flipflop to busy him.  He gnawed on the bone but after a few minutes left it, something he never does, he usually chews on the bones until there is no trace of marrow left.  But today he had too much on his mind, his sister was no where to be found.

Dahlia did make it home and when she did, Flipflop was so relieved and happy to see her.  He sniffed her from nose to tail to make sure she was OK, Dahlia was also happy to be home.  The two of them danced around and then they both ate their breakfasts (every last bit) before Flipflop went back to his bone and finished it! He then joined Dahlia in a content sleep.

At this moment I am watching the two of them peacefully sleeping, happy  to be home together.


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