Introducing Solo

Solo is 2 to 3 years old, he’s a shy dog, who is very unsure of his surroundings, he is also my recent foster.

When I was asked to foster Solo, I didn’t know anything about him, and Sherri-Lee (founder of Royal Canadian Pooch rescue) told me to look on Eddy’s Dogs Facebook page.

I looked him up and what I saw made my heart just break for this sweet dog.

Solo was living in a dump, surviving on his own, he built himself a small den and would scurry around the local neighbourhood looking for food.  He was skin and bones and deemed a nuisance  by someone and this person decided to take measures to remove Solo from their neighbourhood.

When Eddy’s Dogs received a call from a lady stating that she spotted a dog in “really bad shape,” the rescue asked if she could stay near him to track him and they would come and get the dog.  She kindly agreed.

When Eddy got to the area where Solo was, he had seen his den, set on fire and acid had been poured on Solo, burning his fur off and leaving several wounds.

For months Solo’s wounds were cleaned and treated as he was fed regularly.  Before long Solo was starting to recover and his fur was growing back.  A year after that fateful day where Solo was rescued, it was decided he was ready to enter foster care and find his family.

Solo arrived this week and has declared the kitchen his “safe place”.  In the short time he has been here, he is impressing me with his efforts to come out of his shell.  I can tell he really wants to trust me, but is unsure.  He quietly walks up to me and kiss my hand but gets uncomfortable if I approach him.

He follows Dahlia and Flipflop around and wants to be near me when they are, but will freeze if I pet him.  So I just let him enjoy being near his foster siblings and know in time, Solo will welcome the touch of my hand.

I am excited to watch Solo come out of his shell and be part of his journey to his forever home.


Left: Solo during his recovery stage, starting to heal Right: Solo on his way to Canada, healthy and happy.

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