Solo’s Big Weekend

It’s been almost two weeks since Solo entered my home and our hearts. This weekend Solo was introduced to new people and places and handled it like a champ.

Saturday afternoon the dogs and I were out for a walk with my good friend and neighbour, Janet, and her dog (Flipflop’s best friend), Miss Ellie.  There is a lovely couple on the ground floor of our building who love dogs and the dogs love them!  It’s a rare occasion to walk by their suite without one of the dogs wanting to go in and say hello.

I had not allowed my dogs to visit them since Solo arrived, as I didn’t want to overwhelm Solo with too much too soon.  But yesterday, there was no avoiding a visit, the dogs had seen Fabian in the window watching them, so we let them go.  Flipflop, Miss Ellie and Dahlia ran up to the sliding doors to be let in, Flipflop ran back to get Solo (who wasn’t sure what was going on and didn’t want to follow).  When Flipflop came back for him, Solo followed.

Having been around my fosters in the past, and also having dogs of his own, Fabian knew to just ignore Solo and let him be.  Solo didn’t show any signs of fear or uncertainty once inside.  While Flipflop, Dahlia and Miss Ellie danced around Fabian for treats, Solo explored the apartment and went up to Cleo (Fabian and Monisha’s kitten) to say hello.  Cleo gave Solo a swat but it didn’t even phase him.

Eventually Solo joined the other dogs to get treats, Fabian was careful to not get close to Solo and risk scaring him, instead he would toss treats to Solo for him to enjoy.  It was a successful visit.

That evening, I was on point to host a small gathering with some of my neighbours.  Fabian and Monisha were invited, along with a couple other neighbours.  In preparation, I had made arrangements for Flipflop to go upstairs to Janet’s and hang out with Miss Ellie, as Flipflop can be a bit protective of his pack (which includes people) and I wanted to set Solo up for success.  I was going to send Dahlia up too, but Janet requested Dahlia be allowed to stay with the people, because Dahlia loves to dance (no joke).

As I prepared for people to arrive  l laid out the food, worried about Solo eating it all so I kept a close eye.  Solo is such a good boy, he made no attempt to sneak any of the food, he didn’t even go near it.  As people arrived, Solo would walk to the door with me to greet our guests.  Everyone knew to ignore Solo and let him come to them.

Needless to say by the end of the night Solo was enjoying pets from everyone and was very calm.   Flipflop and  Miss Ellie joined the party later in the evening as well, and Flipflop shared his people with his foster brother with no issues.


The pack enjoying the party.

As the night went on, Solo got restless, he didn’t want to leave the party but he was tired and wanted a place to lay down. I had removed the dog beds from the living room to make more space.  I asked if anyone minded if I got one of the beds to put back out and of course no one did. As soon as I put the bed down, Solo grabbed is favourite today and laid down and slept.

While a sleeping dog may not seem like a big deal,  a dog with Solo’s past, in a room full of people he just met hours ago, sleeping peacefully is amazing!!!

Later today, Solo is going to his first Super Bowl party, but after his amazing progress the past two weeks, I have no doubt, he’ll blend right in with the other dogs and people at the party this evening and have a wonderful time!!  GO RAMS!

Solo is available for adoption at:





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