Helping Solo

Dogs like Solo are so special, well ok, all dogs are special!  But when I have a foster like Solo I’m always amazed at how much they learn and develop their trust and zest for life.

Solo has met so many new people and dogs, and is such a friendly dog.  He loves other dogs, and wants to say hello to every one he sees.  With people, he is less sure, but I simply tell the humans to ignore him, and when they do Solo goes up to them within seconds to say a gentle hello.

This weekend my good friend and neighbour, Janet, was planning to have Solo for a sleep over to see how he does.  Solo has been to Janet’s place with me and my pack and knows Janet well now, but he’s never been with her alone.


Solo with Auntie Janet.

Janet has done this with past fosters to help them adapt to different situations while still feeling safe.  Dahlia used to have weekly sleep overs to help her with her separation anxiety from me, and it worked great.

Today, while working  from  home, (thanks to the lovely winter storm in the  GTA!) Janet texted to see if I wanted to take a quick break from work and walk the dogs.  We agreed it would be a short walk, as it’s awful outside and unsafe for everyone. While we were walking Janet asked if she could take Solo up to her place for the afternoon to see how he adjusted.  I agreed.

It turns out, Solo does not like being away from foster momma, he cried at first with Janet and then laid by her door, waiting for me.  Janet brought Solo home after half an hour, and we are going to continue having him go up for short visits and delay the sleep over, for now.

It’s not uncommon for my fosters to form such a bond with me.  Having that bond helps me know when they’ve found their forever parents.  When they aren’t sure of the family, the foster still sticks close to me, but when they find the right family, they want to spend time socializing with the family.

This is all the more reason why I know Solo’s forever home will be one that understands him and gives him his time and space to become the awesome pet he is.  Solo will let me know when he finds his person and it will be another bitter sweet day for me and the dogs of my life.




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