Solo – Post #4

Going onto week 4 and Solo has had no suitable adopters interested in him.  I’m not sure why, but then again, I am the fortunate one who got to know this sweet boy and what a bundle of love and joy he is.

Solo has done re-markedly well in with us.  In such a short time he’s gained confidence, trust and most of all, he feels safe.  He loves to run and play with other dogs, although in his play he’s not quite sure what to do, but he will get there.  He’s loves to say hello to people now, if they do not feel threatening to him (starring at him or coming toward him with too much energy).

Before and after every walk, he runs around squeaking what has become his favourite toy, a fox with ropes on both ends.  And he loves to snuggle up to a human when he’s tired and wants a nap.

In less than four weeks, this sweet boy has gone from being so broken and scared he retreated to the kitchen and wanted nothing to do with me or my pack, to being part of our family and  loving life.

He gets so many compliments from strangers on our walks on what a handsome boy he is, and he loves the attention.  He’s come so far and I know the right person is out there for him.

If you think you’re the one for Solo he is available for adoption at:



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