Puppy Love

Flipflop and Miss Ellie are in love, as in love as two dogs can be.  They first met on a cold wintery day in February, 4 years ago.  Flipflop was just 6 months old and Miss Ellie was 3.  She hated this young puppy who followed her everywhere and Flipflop wanted to be Miss Ellie’s friend, so badly.

As Flipflop matured Miss Ellie developed more patience for him and fortunately for these two dogs, their mom’s got along as well.   So Janet and I made time to ensure the two dogs got to play and go for walks together as much as possible.

Miss Ellie LOVES the water and would spend all summer wadding in the near by creeks and lakes.  The very first time Miss Ellie went in the water with Flipflop nearby, he panicked, he was so worried something bad was going to happen to her.  Needless to say, nothing bad happened, and when she came out of the creek Flipflop was so happy to see she survived her swim!  As Flipflop got older he found a love for the water himself, and now the two of them love to play together in the creeks and lake on hot summer days.

It became clear that Miss Ellie considered herself Flipflop’s girl,  when she started getting mad at him anytime he played with female dogs.   She is quite fine if he’s playing with other male dogs but for some reason does not like any other female dogs around her man, with the exception of his sister.

But we really knew it was true love when Flipflop’s stick floated out in the lake, and he was too scared to go deep in the water  to get it and Miss Ellie went in to the lake to retrieve his stick and gave it to him.  Janet and I looked at each other and our hearts melted, our dogs were so adorable!!!


They spend every day together while their mom’s are at work, and most nights, Miss Ellie doesn’t want to go home to her own place, but she does, because her mom misses her.  When we are all just relaxing, it is not unusual for one of the two love dogs to get up and check on the other and then go back to sleep.

Miss Ellie adapts to all the fosters as they come and go as well, although she doesn’t live with us, she spends a lot of time at my place and it’s not uncommon for Janet to have me and all the dogs up at her place as well.  Miss Ellie always gets along with the fosters and just like Flipflop and Dahlia welcomes them to the pack.  Miss Ellie’s  favourite foster was also Flipflop’s favourite, Lucy, but she does seem to have soft spot for Solo as well.

As our fosters come and go, one thing remains the same, the bond Flipflop has with Miss Ellie is one he shares with no other dog.

So on Valentine’s Day he decided to make it official and as Miss Ellie to marry him.  She accepted, but there are no plans for a wedding in the near future!


Miss Ellie with her engagement ring and gift.


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