Happy Birthday Lady Dahlia

Like most rescues, Dahlia’s birth date and exact age are unknown but she was about 8 years old when she came to be fostered by me, two years ago today (April 4). So, when she became a foster fail (when the foster parent adopts the dog), I made the day we first met her birthday.

Dahlia seemed old and frail when I met her, she wanted to enjoy life but was fearful. When I would go to pet her she would freeze, unsure if my hand would be a gentle touch or one that caused her pain. She was such a nervous wreck she would pee constantly, in fear I was going to hurt her.  It was both heartbreaking and, after weeks of cleaning up urine, frustrating.

I was an inexperienced foster mom at that time, and as with all the fosters, Dahlia taught me a lot.  She learned to trust me by observing my many interactions with Flipflop and also, by me giving her proper structure.

A couple months after meeting her, I adopted sweet Dahlia, and made her part of the forever pack.  She has been by my side ever since, along with Flipflop, helping other dogs in need.  She no longer fears a human hand, in fact, she kind of demands everyone she walks by use their hands to pet her!

I remember when I adopted her, and called to get her license, I debated over getting a one or two year licensed, as I was sure this fragile dog wouldn’t be alive in a year.  Boy did she prove me wrong.  She is no longer frail, she is strong, playful and a DIVA!  I have taken to calling her Lady Dahlia as she holds her head high and feels so entitled to her life, it’s beautiful to see.

She is getting younger all the time, and I’m so excited to be celebrating her 10th year with her today and bringing her to beautiful British Columbia in a week to live out the rest of her long life!


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