B.C. Bound – The road trip -Day 1

I would be lying if I said the past week hasn’t been the hardest week of my life, emotionally.  So many goodbye’s, so much cleaning and packing, and preparing to leave my very comfortable, very familiar life in Ontario.  Even now, 950 KM’s into the drive, it still hasn’t really hit me that I am actually going to be living in B.C…..the place I’ve always wanted to live in, since I first visited over 20 years ago.

But this blog isn’t about me, it’s about the dogs in my life, and of course they are on this adventure with me!!  For the past few weeks, Flipflop knew something was up.  He constantly needed assurance from me, hugs and cuddles (more than usual).  Dahlia, true to her nature, was oblivious for the most part.

Last weekend they moved into Auntie Janet’s apartment, while I continued to stay in mine, making sure I visited them and walked them a few times a day, so they knew I was still there.  I moved in with them on Tuesday evening, as the movers came for all my belongings Wednesday.

This morning when I woke up, I started getting myself organized, Janet offered to walk the dogs, to give me time to pack up my final things and to help get me on the road quicker.  I left my home at 9:45 am.

The dogs were troopers, Dahlia pretty much slept the whole time we drove today.  Flipflop likes to look out the window when we drive, so he refused to sleep.  At times he literally passed out sitting up!  But he’s now stretched at the end of my motel room bed sleeping peacefully.

We drove to Sarnia and crossed the border, after an hour wait, into Michigan.  Shortly after we crossed, I pulled into a McDonald’s parking lot with lots of greenery around it.  Flipflop drank almost a whole bottle of water, poor guy, and Dahlia had a few sips.  After a brief stretch of our legs, we got back in the car and kept going.  We stopped again in Michigan a few hours later, I thought we’d never get out of that state!  But there were plenty of rest areas, which was nice.

Finally, we crossed over to Indianapolis, it was a short drive through that state and we entered Illinois.  I thought I was so prepared, printing my list of rest area along the way……I didn’t realize Chicago and I90W pretty much has NO rest areas!!!!!

Chicago traffic was horrible, we crawled through it for an hour and the finally the roads opened up again. I could tell Flipflop was getting hungry and I planned to pull over at first rest area I saw, but as an hour flew by there were none.

As I continued my drive I spotted an exit with tons of hotels off of it.  My eye got the Motel 6 sign……I was sure on my “bring Fido” app, it said all Motel 6’s were pet friendly and don’t even charge an additional fee.

Side note: bring Fido is a super cool app (and website:  https://www.bringfido.com/)  that tells you all dog friendly parks, restaurants, hotels, activities, etc. world wide!  It’s awesome for travelling with your furry companions.  It also tells you any pet restrictions (size/breeds, etc.) and if the hotel charges an additional fee.

I arrived at the Motel 6 and asked if there were any rooms, the girl asked if I wanted one or two bedroom, I said I only need one bed, as it was just me and my dogs.  As she was processing my room, she questioned if I would take a two bedroom, it cost a bit more but was on the ground floor for the dogs.  I told her I was fine with the extra charge as it will be nice for the dogs and easier for me. 🙂  I used a blanket off the second bed to make a bed for Dahlia, as she doesn’t enjoy human beds, only couches!

So to sum it up, day 1 of our B.C. bound adventure went pretty smoothly, and I’m excited to see where we end up tomorrow evening on our drive.


Flipflop, when I invited on the bed, wasted no time!




2 thoughts on “B.C. Bound – The road trip -Day 1

  1. Hi Joan I’m so happy you are continuing your blog on the trip. I wish you and Flipflop and Dahlia a safe trip with continued happiness . You are a trooper I must say. Looking forward to the next blog.
    Sincerely, Patty


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