B.C. Bound – The road trip – Day 2

Well almost 2000 km under our belt and we’re still going strong!! Dahlia and Flipflop are troopers!!!  It hit me along my drive today, that I really am moving to B.C.!  The numbness I felt yesterday has left and I’m so excited today!

Last night after we settled in for the evening, Flipflop was unsettled, he kept growling and I think it was because we were just off the highway and he could see the lights or hear the cars.  I took him out for a short walk so he could see there was nothing to fear and that seemed to work.  Dahlia, of course, didn’t mind a thing!  I think she is enjoying the fact that I’m not restricting her food and she keeps getting up through the night to eat!  At home they have designated feeding times but being on the road, I’m being a little loose with their schedules.

I always have a hard time sleeping in strange beds, so I was up at 5, and relaxed in bed until the sun came up and got the troops ready for a new day.  We left our motel around 6:30 am.


Starting our journey on day 2.

My sister surprised me with a phone call, and it was great to pass some time chatting with her, it’s definitely going to be strange not seeing her for our weekly lunch.  But as I stated yesterday, leaving those I love in Ontario was the only hard part of this journey.

We spent our night just outside of Wisconsin and we crossed into the state early on.  Our drive was pretty uneventful, short of two warning lights coming on while I was driving. Both my error, thankfully!  When I filled up with gas first thing this morning, I forgot to put the cap back on, so I had to pull over on the side of the road and screw my cap on!  And then leaving one of our rest areas, I didn’t have Flipflop’s door closed properly. Thankfully that light came on immediately and I was able to secure his door prior to pulling back on I94!


Flipflop, absolutely thrilled with snow at the rest area just outside North Dakota.

We made our way through Minnesota and into North Dakota.  North Dakota was not what I expected at all.  Past Fargo there’s very little off I94!  Fortunately, using my bring Fido app, I found a pet friendly hotel 7 hours outside our border crossing back into Canada!

Since we had such an early start, I pulled over early so we can all relax for a few hours (and Flipflop can play) before we go to bed for the evening.  It’s been super cool, driving through the US, but i’m looking forward to getting back into Canada tomorrow and making our way from Saskatchewan to Alberta (hopefully) tomorrow!


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