B.C. Bound – The road trip – Day 3

Nine hundred and three kilometres to go!  We had quite the long day today, but as usual Flipflop and Dahlia were troopers!!

After a morning walk, I packed up the car around 6:30 am, I left Flipflop and Dahlia on leash and took them in and out of the hotel room with me as I packed up.  I think Dahlia thought I was going to leave her, as she had no interest in packing the car with me, she wanted in the car and happily waited in the back seat while Flipflop and I packed up.

We drove through the rest of North Dakota and through Saskatchewan and it was exhausting! There were very few places to stop, so I ended up stopping along the sides of roads and/or in business parking lots to let the dog have a stretch.  As we got closer to the Canadian border the snow was gone and both dogs delighted in rolling in the grass.

As we entered Saskatchewan, tumbleweed flew across the highway and I texted some friends that I was definitely no longer in Ontario! 🙂

The dogs are getting restless on the long drive, I stopped for gas and Dahlia climbed into the driver seat!  And later on while I was driving she tried to climb up front with me.  But my car is fully packed and there was no room for her so I couldn’t allow her to come up. Flipflop finally laid down and slept a bit today, but as he woke up between naps, he was panting a lot, a sign of distress.  And unlike the past two days, neither of them wanted to get back in the car after each stop.

But we are now stopped in Medicine Hat, Alberta and I took them for a nice walk, bought them some chicken nuggets (they get spoiled on road trips) and they are both sleeping peacefully now.  And while it’s 8:00 pm local time, this Torontonian girl is exhausted and will likely call it a night soon as well.

I am hoping we will get an early start to our day tomorrow and get to Kamloops in time for a nice hike with the dogs as an award for them being such amazing babies.

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