B.C. Bound – The road trip – Day 4

WE MADE IT! We’re here in Kamloops, although not in our new home, that’ll be tomorrow am.

We started our morning around 7 am, leaving Medicine Hat, Alberta with the intent of arriving in Kamloops today.  The drive from Medicine Hat to Calgary was pretty cool.  It was a bit flat with wheat fields and then right next to those fields, there were oil rigs (or whatever they’re called).  It was kind of cool.


I also found it pretty neat that every few kilometres, there were areas you could pull over to throw out trash and recyclables.  A cool way to keep litter off the highways for sure!

As we made our way closer to Calgary, I though my eyes were playing tricks on me.  Did I see mountains in the distance, or was it clouds? I kept looking as I drove along, for clouds they weren’t moving or changing shape.  I contacted my west coast expert, Janet (aka Auntie Janet) and she confirmed they were in fact mountains.


We stopped in Calgary and I took Flip and Dahlia for a nice walk, they have been such amazing dogs on this long trip.  They enjoyed rolls in the grass and a long drink of water and we continued on our way.

Our next stop was about 300 KM later at a small mountain down and it was beautiful.



This was our last stop, until we entered Kamloops!  The last 200 km seemed the longest of this whole trip.  But we made it!  And I’m so excited to go through this adventure with my two best friends.


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