Our first day in our new home…..

Well, we woke up in a hotel this morning, with a few hours to spare before we moved into our apartment, so I googled dog parks in Kamloops and off we went.  It was such a fun morning and so deserving for Dahlia and Flipflop.  The first dog park was just an open field but it was enough to let Flipflop run and Dahlia roll around in the grass.  I left the off leash area with them and we walked along the park path.

We came along an off leash dog beach…..yes a beach for just dogs!!  I immediately unleashed Flipflop and Dahlia and they delighted as they played with another dog and then went into the river.

We then went back to the hotel where I packed up and headed to our building.  I left Flipflop and Dahlia in the car, as I spoke with the building manager, who then asked me to bring them in the office.  The dogs delighted him, as he fed them cookies and saw their two very different personalities.  He loved them both, Dahlia for her sweetness and Flipflop for his flare!

He gave us a tour of our building, which is fully constructed, but so new, they are still working on the landscaping around us.  That said there’s lots of wonderful places for us to walk, and some flat sidewalks for Dahlia to be comfortable.

I walked around my apartment and out on to the balcony where mountains looked back at me.  I also noticed I had a drug store across the street as well, which could come in handy!


The view from my balcony.

While I was unloading my car, Telus called and asked if it was ok to come by earlier (my original appointment was for this afternoon). I said that would be great.  I was still unloading my car when Dane (from Telus) pulled up.  Dane also loved Flipflop and Dahlia, it was wonderful!

Once Dane left, I took the dogs for a walk, it’s a beautiful day in Kamloops and Dahlia found it a little warm for her liking, but she did ok.  I ran into town and picked up some food and essentials that I needed while I wait for my belongings to arrive.

Flipflop and Dahlia were amazing, as they have been the whole journey. When I leave the apartment they don’t bark or make a fuss, they are quite calm and seem, for the most part, taking it in stride.

That said, Flipflop still needs hugs and assurances, but I’m really pleased with how well they are adjusting.

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